Esprit De Corps – Creating a Travel Agency Newsletter (II of III) – Travel News News

We have been discussing the ten factors that are keys to making a travel agency newsletter an effective marketing tool. Tops on the list – target your audience, determine your goals/ objectives, and identify your readers.Moving right along to the next factor:- Newsworthiness: The next step is writing the newsletter! People will read a quality, current newsletter. Your readership will value information that is not available through normal news sources. As a result, they will discuss the contents with their friends and look forward to receiving it regularly.Having an office news item file reduces time in creating topics. Always avoid stale news (e.g., fares that expire before the readers see the newsletter). Remember: Vendors respond faster to the market environment than agencies do. Sources for your newsletter content include trade publications, (especially “news in brief” sections), vendor ads in the newspaper, sales reps and special agency promotional brochures.You can also highlight destinations and destination specialists on your staff. Encourage your readers to “think out of the box,” traveling independently, trying a cruise or a travel adventure for the first time, eco-travel or volunteer vacations.- Relevance: People love news. Make sure it affects them. For example, if you live in New York, a fare between Houston and Dallas probably is not important. Determine the events that most dramatically affect your clientele.- Regularity: So far we have targeted an audience, defined goals, created a mailing list, and stressed quality in terms of newsworthiness and relevance. Because your readers now value your newsletter, regularity is important. A newsletter generally is monthly, semi-monthly, or quarterly. Remember that deviation from the regular publishing date raises questions by the readers. You will want to establish and adhere to a strict schedule for preparing the newsletter.